Upper Sheringham Parish Council

Welcome to Upper Sheringham Parish Council.


Upper Sheringham Parish Council currently have one Councillor vacancy. If you would like more information please contact the Chairman, Jonathan Dorey on 01263 821415. If you wish to apply please apply in writing to the Parish Clerk, Sally Gill at 23 Central Road, Cromer. NR27 9BW, 01263 514559, email [email protected]

To become a Parish Councillor you need to care about your Community, want to make a difference and be willing to represent your electorate. To be eligible you need to be 18 or over, be on the electoral register and either reside in the Village (or within three miles) or  have your main place of work in the Village.

At Upper Sheringham time commitment is small with monthly meetings which last less than two hours, however sometimes a Councillor may take on a small project if their time allows.



Parish Council Responsibilities

We have responsibility for eight street lights, two benches, three grit bins, a dog bin, the Community Noticeboard in the centre of the Village, the Village Sign and a  Speed Activated Monitor for the Village. The Parish Council are also Custodian Trustees of the Village Hall, act as Consultees for planning applications and liaise with District and County Council about issues that those Council’s deal with. We also deal with any issues, where we have powers to act, as raised by Residents.

We normally meet on the first Thursday of each month, unless otherwise stated, at 6pm in the Village Hall.  Members of the Public are always welcome to attend.

Councillors Register of Interests can be found at www.northnorfolk.org

Meetings for 2019: 5th December

Meetings for 2020:

16th January, 5th March, 2nd April, 14th May, 4th June, 2nd July, 6th August,

3rd September, 1st October, 5th November, 3rd December

The Parish Meeting will be on Thursday 2nd April at 6pm followed by the Parish Council meeting













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